Tuesday, September 17, 2013

During two days starting in September 17th and 18th, we have a 3D Printing Expo at San Jose.  Here I came because of my personal interest, and I just discovered many of industrial attendees at this conference.  The full agenda is on the web, and a few keynote sessions are free for early-bird registration (on site registration is $20), but it is still very nice place to see many of expositions from many of 3D printing/printer vendors. 

After the opening remark by mediabistro, the first keynote is given by S. Scott Crump, a Chairman and CIO @ Stratasys company.  Most interesting fact is, Stratasys is the leader in 3D printer vendor, but it's not really too big surprise since they acquired Makerbot - the most popular, and successful FDM-based 3D printer in the world.  

He started the keynote from his early-age experiences on developing FDM-based printers, and he showed previous 3D printers (late '80s, early '90s) with almost the same design as the most recent Makerbot Replicator.  

Scott also mentioned the recent facts about Stratasys that they support 24 different materials, already shipped 50K printers (interestingly, 20K printers are Makerbots), $360M revenue, and McKinsey mentioned that 3D printing world will be growing in the next 12 years.  He also mentioned that he believes 3D printer is not just a printer but an ideation engine, from faster prototyping to earlier production. 

As you might already know, UPS Stores are now serving 3D Printing service, with a collaboration with Stratasys (you may see the popular Makerbot printer at the store), and it might be enabling easier 3D printing near your home. 

Also, at the end, he mentioned his future vision on the manufacturing processes in the common factories.  Stratasys does such a manufacturing 24/7 for many different customers, and it could be a next-generation of manufacturing businesses. 

He mentioned several case studies (examples) including BMW's, Boeing's, Peppermint Energy (portable solar power plant)'s, and also even the Fashion designer including Iris van Herpen many of interesting industrial cases of using 3D printers to enable something easier. 

That's it for the first keynote!  
Hope some of you might find this information useful, and hope some of you could enjoy the whole 3D printing expo today, and also coming in the next 6 months in the world! 

- written by ANTICONFIDENTIAL at San Jose in September 17, 2013
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